Taking Action

Help!  I need assistance as I work to save or shore up my French program!

The documents presented here will help you to figure out what to say, to whom to say it, and who can help advocate for and with you.

This first category gives you “quick-start” lists–what to do as a teacher, how you might involve parents, and how you might involve those who are the most affected:  your students.

Next, it provides crucial documents that can help you to enlist the help of those who can support your program in important ways.

Advocacy Checklists: Start here!

15 Advocacy Arguments for Supporters

What Can I Learn from Others?

How Can I Get Others to Help?

What Can Advocates Do?

These materials are aimed particularly at teachers who feel their programs are under threat of reduction or elimination, but they can certainly be useful in other circumstances, as well.

The earlier an advocacy campaign can be started, the more likely it is to be effective.

An advocacy plan to persuade decision-makers should be formulated thoughtfully and implemented as soon as the continuation of the French program is in doubt.

Check out the Letters of Advocacy page for more ideas.