French Language Advocacy Resource Bank

In this Resource Bank you will find resources to assist you in defending a French program that is under threat of reduction or deletion. There are also materials to help you strengthen your program and make it even healthier.  Just click on one of the pages–shown below and in the menu at the top–to find documents you can download.

Quick Start for French Advocacy

Need help now to save your program??? This page has what you need to start!

Advancing Arguments

Information you can use in arguing for your program.

Cultivating Allies

How to work with those who can help–from colleagues to parents to students. Lots of information here to help you make your program stronger.

Taking Action

Whom do I contact when I need to act to defend my program? What do I say?

College & University

Documents tailored to help those advocating for post-secondary-level French programs.

Links and Resources

Helps you find out where else you can go for information: websites, maps, statistics, etc.

Advocacy Links

Links for the chapters by Tennessee Bob Peckham in the book Strategic Advocacy for the French Language in the U.S. (2021).