Advancing Arguments

The links here take you to lists of documents that will provide information about why studying French is valuable.  There are essays, maps, and testimonials to the value of French, as well as templates for flyers, and presentations. Letters in Spanish help you reach out to the important Spanish-speaking audience.

Reasons to Study French

These documents give you facts and arguments that articulate why it is valuable to learn French.

Academic Essays

Reflective documents that explain in depth the value of language study and French in particular.


Examples and templates you can use with people around you to demonstrate the personal and professional value of learning French.

Video Stories for “The World Speaks French”

Engaging testimonials of how individuals have seen the importance of French in their lives. Use some or all of the video clips.

French in the World and North America

Maps and statistics that testify to the presence of French in the world.

Letters of Advocacy

Examples of letters that can be sent to decision-makers and to allies to help preserve a program.