College and University

Just as French programs in elementary, middle, and high schools can come under threat, college and university programs can also be menaced with reduction or elimination.

The most important factors in advocating for a program under threat are:

  • having a program that is current, vibrant, visible, and well-connected;
  • knowing the institutional structures within which you must work;ReflectionsPalaisRoyal?
  • being tied closely with many other units on your campus;
  • knowing statistics about your French program’s efficiency;
  • linking your program with student recruitment;
  • enlisting the support of alumni.

This essay lays out the basics of defending a French program:  best practices, strategies and arguments that can be used.

Advocacy For College and University French Programs–The Basics

This checklist helps you know where to start.

Advocacy Checklist for College and University Programs

In addition, the pages listed here will give more general information that can help you to formulate strategies that are adapted to your particular college or university situation.


Using Testimonials

Reasons to Study French

      15 Arguments to Frame an Advocacy Letter