How Can I Get Others to Help?

Find out who can be good allies for your program, in order to determine who can be influential and organize others.

Solicit replies to these documents:

Interview of Parent or Family Member By Student

Survey–Parent Booklet

Send a note or make a telephone call to key parent allies.  These letters might be adapted:

Sample Advocacy Letter–Teacher To Parent–French V

Provide a key parent ally with a sample letter that can be tailored to meet the need.

Advocacy Letter–Parent To Parent

Collect testimonials from current and former students, parents, and other supporters. Here are examples:

Testimonial–Sample Quotes from Students

Testimonial — Sample Quotes from Parents

Testimonial — Sample Quotes from Allies

And here are some prompts you can use:

Sample Testimonial Prompts

Here is a release form that provides fair use of photos, videos, and texts.

Sample Release Form (pdf)

Template: Release Form (you can edit this form)