Making Allies of Other Teachers and Staff

The documents in this section can be useful to you in creating allies within your school because colleagues and staff can help you in these ways:ArcDeTriompheNight

  1. Offer invaluable support by emphasizing the importance of French contributions to their disciplines.
  2. Share with students experiences that they have had with French in terms of language, culture, or travels to Francophone countries, thereby underlining the importance of French in their own lives.
  3. Show how the French and English languages are interconnected.

Here are documents to help you make allies of your colleagues:

Find out the world language experiences of adults in your school:

Survey–Colleagues And Staff

Inform others in your building and district about the importance of French today:

2020 France-U.S. Economic Report

Flyer: 10 Reasons To Study French

Flyer: With French YOU Can…


These “bellringers” can be used by teachers of other subjects to connect their discipline to French.  They could be used at the start of class during National French Week, for example.

Science Connection:

BellRinger: Physics And France

BellRinger: Biology And Its French Connection

BellRinger: Chemists In France

BellRinger: French And Biology

Math Connection:

BellRinger: Descartes

Arts Connection:

BellRinger: Culinary And French Terms Game

BellRinger: French Ballet Terms

BellRinger: French Fashion

BellRinger: French Music Appreciation

BellRinger: Les Impressionnistes

Language Arts Connection:

BellRinger: French Exercise For English Language And Literature

History Connection: American History:

BellRinger: French In North .America Introduction

BellRinger: French In North America–Information

BellRinger: French In North America–Puzzle

BellRinger: French In North America–Clues

BellRinger: French In North America–Key

History Connection: French History:

BellRinger: French History–Matching History Makers

BellRinger: French History Makers–Sticky Notes

BellRinger: French History Makers–Labels (Use this to print clues on labels)

Geography Connection:

BellRinger: Geography Of Francophone World

Physical Education Connection:

BellRinger: Games And Sports In the French-Speaking World