Personal stories provide compelling local support for your program.  You can use these or–even better–collect your own testimonials.  These can be templates for you to use as you ask your own students, their parents, and your allies to talk about their experiences with French.


Testimonial–Sample Quotes from Students

Testimonial — Sample Quotes from Parents

Testimonial — Sample Quotes from Allies

Testimonial — Sample Quotes from Other Sources

Personal Stories

Testimonial — French, A Good Choice For HS And College (Using French to secure an internship and become multilingual)

Testimonial — French, A Practical Language In Sports And Law (Using French in leisure and career)

Testimonial — A More Profound World View (Life-altering experiences as a result of knowing French)

Testimonial — Discovering Oneself and the World Through French (Working in Paris because of French skills)

Testimonial — Taking Environmental Management to Paris (Working in Paris because of ability to speak French)

Testimonial — French Led To MBA And Life-Long Friendships (French and Spanish help earn MBA, work in Spain)

Testimonial — Multilingualism — Oh The Places You Will Go (Using French and Spanish in physical therapy)

Stories from Parents

Testimonial –Parent Values French Exchange Program (Benefits of exchange program to entire family)

Testimonial — French, An International Language (French as a bridge language to communicating with Chinese visitor)

Testimonial — Family Shares Passion For French (French important in college and job applications as well as cuisine and fashion)

Testimonial –French Exchange Stimulates Curiosity (Parent shares passion for French with children)

Making Spanish Speakers Trilingual

These letters from a native speaker of Spanish, in both English and Spanish, describe the career benefits of knowing both French and Spanish.

Letter to Parent (in English) Encourages Native Spanish-Speaking Student To Learn French 

Letter to Parent (in Spanish) Encourages Native Spanish-Speaking Student To Learn French

Templates for Testimonials

Finally, this page, Using Testimonials, gives you the templates and release forms you can use to create personalized testimonials, one of the most effective ways to demonstrate support for your program.