What Can I Learn from Others?

Read these success stories from teachers whose French programs have been sustained or reinstated.  See what advice they have on what made the difference.

Success Story: School Board Changes Its Mind (K. Rhodes)

SuccessStory: Middle School French Teacher Foils Cutback

Success Story: French Teacher Rallies Families To Save French V Course

Success Story: A Phoenix Success Story

The following articles have advice on working with advocates.

FLES Advocacy And Promotion (Lipton)

Toot Your Own Horn (Sandburg)

Vital Advocacy: Peckham

Essay: Working Against The Odds In FL Instruction (Gramer)

Advocacy: The Role Of AATF Chapter President (Jourdain)

Advocacy From Board Member Perspective (Sugarman)

Advocacy For College and University French Programs (Duvick)